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The solution to the lack of business concepts for renovation services for single-family houses is first of all that renovation service packages should be developed to include standard technical solutions for energy efficiency improvements regarding different building systems and ages. Secondly, all other necessary services should be included, providing overall renovation solutions for the people living in single-family houses.

Providing off-the-shelf renovation service packages will significantly improve the quality of life for many single-family house owners. This kind of concepts would not only improve the energy efficiency and IEQ (Indoor Environment Quality), but they would also provide an economically viable and easy-to-get choice for the house owner. Making the energy-efficient renovation services easy-to-get will speed up the implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures.

The new services must be supported with new features, like better visualisation, guaranteed price and funding services to overcome the behavioural, organizational, legal and social barriers that exist in sustainable renovation.