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Problem description                                          Background and earlier studies

Energy renovation of existing buildings has a large potential for cost effective energy savings. However, it is a major challenge to develop and implement the technologies for reducing the energy use in existing buildings to a very low level in combination with renovation of the buildings. New solutions are needed also on the technological side, but more importantly, for the business environment.

Residential buildings are responsible for 70 % of the energy use in buildings in the Nordic countries. In all Nordic countries single-family houses constitute a large part of the building stock, and offer big business opportunities for renovation services.

There is a substantial lack of business concepts for renovation services for single-family houses, whereas the multi-family houses are better covered. Also, in e.g. Finland and Sweden, most of the apartment buildings are connected to a district heating network, which mostly uses the waste heat from electricity production, whereas most of the single-family houses use other sources for heating, thereby offering a better possibility for CO2 reductions.